There is no place better than the European Alps for packing loads of quality alpine climbing into your valuable time. From the trophy 4000ers to obscure and remote peaks, there’s something for everyone, whether taking your first steps on the easy classics or tackling the big test pieces. Days can be focused on reaching summits or learning new skills, and usually involve both. I work and climb here year-round and pride myself on having up to date knowledge of prevailing conditions, making for safer and more enjoyable mountain missions.  

Summer Mountaineering

The great ridges of the Alps present the most elegant mountaineering challenges of the range, offering proud and logical lines of ascent leading directly to lofty summits. It is no coincidence that many of the alpine giants were first ascended via their ridges, with these routes providing a path of least resistance to the mountaintops. These routes have gone on to attain classic status, with high quality climbing and scrambling on well-worn rock the norm. Away from rock routes there can be no position more spectacular than that found on an exposed crest of snow and ice, technically straightforward with modern equipment but demanding concentration, a cool head and crisp cramponing technique. Whether you want to summit 4000m peaks, journey across huge glaciers or escape the crowds in some of the Alps’ quieter corners I’ll find the alpine experience for you.

Technical Ice and Mixed Climbing

The colder temperatures of the autumn, winter and spring line the granite walls of the Chamonix massif with snow and ice, turning them into a mixed climbing paradise. From shorter, easily accessible routes on the Grand Montets ridge and Point Lachenal to the big faces, there’s routes for every level of aspiration and ability. Conditions are always changing, and I keep my finger on the pulse to find the best routes in the mountains that I call home.